Wednesday, 1 June 2016

June 1st - about to start the long journey!


Just about to leave our final motel of the trip in Abilene to head for DFW airport and the long trip home. Should be home in about 17 hours' time, or so!

May 31 - almost home time


Today we drove from Hobbs, NM, to Abilene, TX. This was basically a positioning drive in order to allow us to make the final drive back to DFW reasonably short, but not so short that we then have to spend hours at the airport.

We did pass a weak thunderstorm, and paused to look at it - we heard a nice rumble of thunder.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 30th

Hello. The risk of severe storms was fairly low today so we decided to try heading to Carlsbad, New Mexico, as storms like to form on the higher terrain to the west of town. They duly did so and we got some nice CG lightning. We headed east with the storms but they tended to fizzle - a big storm developed near Midland, TX, where we spent last night, but decided against heading down to it. It was very electrically active but we decided an early check-in to our hotel in Hobbs, and a dip in the pool (the latter just me) would be a nice way to end a rather relaxing day. A storm approached us in the evening with some nice lightning for a time, and very gusty winds. We can now see lightning off to the east from storms over there.

Approaching storm at Hobbs from outside our motel.

Monday, 30 May 2016

May 29th - not too much


We headed through Lubbock and down to Hobbs, New Mexico - storms were forming to our west and south-west so we headed towards Carlsbad. This severe storm promptly started to die, so we dropped down towards Pecos, Texas, where another severe storm was. This died as we approached! We figured we'd done our good deed for the day for the people of this part of the world so we paused at Pecos before heading to Odessa for the night. A gust front from storms way to the north passed through around 11pm with blowing dust for a time, which was quite cool. Overall, a day which didn't show huge promise - and didn't really deliver much for us. However, it's always nice to be driving out in the open Plains.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

May 29th thoughts


A messy picture today with models showing a number of different solutions and the analysis (below) also not giving a huge amount away. We'll probably look for the moisture tongue /currently in SE New Mexico/ to move northwards ahead of a dry line. I think we'll drop to Lubbock and then re-assess.

May 28th

One year ago on this day we saw 4 tornadoes at Canadian, in Texas. Today we passed reasonably close to the town on the lengthy haul SW from Hays to Amarillo. The weather was cracking - good visibility, mainly sunny, and a high of around 28C. We had a great meal in the evening with fellow Brit chasers Cammie, Tim, Dan, and Adam.

Tomorrow, a dry line should be in place over far west Texas or eastern New Mexico. Modest SW upper flow along with veering winds in the lower atmosphere should allow a few severe storms to develop. Some overnight convection tonight could set-up outflow boundaries, which we'll be on the look-out for.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

May 28th plan - lunch in Dodge

Plan for today is drive to Amarillo - we've just stopped for lunch in Dodge City and then will carry on to Amarillo. A risk of severe storms tomorrow in the TX Panhandle region.